’Talking therapies’ are more about listening than talking

Seeing a counsellor or psychotherapist regularly is about being listened to, listening to ourselves and our inner voices and motivations, then finding the insight we need to manage who we are more effectively. ‘Psychodynamic Counselling’ usually refers to weekly meetings over a few months to target troubling issues, while ‘Psychotherapy’ normally means working over a longer period to provide the space to explore more fully the emotional life which underpins all we do and all we struggle to be. I am happy to work in a focussed way for a few months, concentrating on a particular issue, or in a more open-ended way.

Can Counselling or Psychotherapy help you to live more fully?

Yes. For most people, having the chance to spend 50 minutes each week with someone who will listen without judgement or agenda, and will help them to discover the roots of the powerful emotional forces which seem to control them, can be life changing. Most psychotherapists trained for this work because they have seen or experienced this themselves. For many people, the experience of counselling or therapy is a turning point in life, on the way to better choices and greater fulfilment. Of course, not everyone finds it easy to make use of this type of support, and the most important thing of all is that the ‘fit’ is right between each person and their therapist - personalities are important and finding the right person makes a lot of difference.

What will it cost and what will I need to do?

If you are interested in counselling and psychotherapy, contact me at the email address here. I work from my home in Stonesfield, near Woodstock in Oxfordshire, and online. Each weekly session of 50 minutes will cost £90. Being committed to attending at the same time each week is important, to give your emotional and psychological wellbeing the care and priority it deserves.

Information for Counselling and Psychotherapy Clients

A copy of the information which I give to clients is here, if you would like to read it. Just click on the image below.

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