Looking after your emotional health and mental wellbeing

Online and Face to Face Counselling:

I am a psychodynamic counsellor and psychotherapist based in Oxfordshire, and I am very happy to see people in person, or to work online by FaceTime, Zoom or WhatsApp.

People are talking

Once taboo subjects like depression, anxiety and grief are getting easier for many people to speak about. Mental health and emotional wellbeing are no longer to be feared, but are now, more than ever, understood to be part of normal experience as we all have a psychological life and powerful feelings which we can struggle to manage. Everyone will experience the normal emotional process of coming to terms with ourselves as we change, face challenges and grow older. All of us must face grieving and loss. Many people, at some point in their lives, experience some sort of mental or emotional distress, ranging from anxiety attacks or mild depression to something more severe.

We may come to recognise emotional struggles associated with the past, or problems in the present which are debilitating and limit our lives. We want to live to the full, with healthy relationships, a sound sense of our own worth, and fulfilling work. But sometimes our thoughts, feelings and emotions seem to prevent us from living as we would like to. This is where counselling and psychotherapy can be so effective.

psychotherapy and counselling
What are Counselling and Psychotherapy for?

better relationships
facing decisions
healing past hurts
real communication
addressing troubling behaviour
deeper self-knowledge
exploring family problems
achieving self-control
effective living
being heard
healing after grief
discovering potential
abusive relationships
intrusive thoughts
appropriate boundaries
coping with stress
finding the courage to be honest
overcoming addiction
facing fear
coping with trauma
mastering compulsive behaviour
accepting ageing
understanding perfectionism
making life-changing decisions
exploring forgiveness
addressing anger
learning from emotions
dealing with disturbing thoughts or dreams
facing the past and the future
emotional resilience
managing a crisis
finding self-acceptance
making peace
prioritising wellbeing

And much more.